Heyday will close next month

Heyday's last day: June 9.

Heyday's last day: June 9. Kyndell Harkness, Star Tribune

We thought the writing might be on the wall for Heyday — and we're not talking about that Replacements nod.

The Lyndale Avenue restaurant from celebrated chef-owner Jim Christiansen discontinued brunch service in November, which is never a great sign.

Heyday was hailed by City Pages as "the new face of New American dining" not long after its 2014 opening. Mpls/St. Paul Mag has the sad scoop: Heyday's heyday is over. The doors will close June 9.

That's not exactly the end of the story, though. Doors will reopen later this year, when Christiansen, owner Mike Prickett, and manager Dani Megears Spa launch two new restaurants in the same space. Christiansen tells the mag the first will serve the "elevated" food he's known for, four days a week or so. (Maybe Thursday through Sunday.) 

Joy Summers

Joy Summers

The second? That'll be a bar with a full kitchen, one that rotates out the food and drink lists depending on its chef's whim. 

"When we thought about good old bar food, fries, and chicken wings, it was just kind of un-motivating to think about doing that forever," Christiansen told Mpls/St. Paul. So instead, it might be a tapas bar one season, or serve dumplings another. 

That ever-shifting bar-restaurant will likely debut first, and will be open seven days a week. Look for lights to come back on there sometime this fall.