Hey Sen. Klobuchar, get clued in on MN foods

Hey Sen. Klobuchar, get clued in on MN foods

I know you're not reading this food blog for political punditry, but I felt like I needed to call out U.S. Sen Amy Klobuchar's office on the sub-par Minnesota snacks it served at yesterday's inaugural open house.

Apparently, the spread featured such foods as Spam from Austin, kettle corn from Mankato, muffins from Tracy and more. And while I applaud her decision to serve potica and rosettes, some of the other choices seemed a little, well, meh. I wish she'd chosen products that weren't average Minnesota-made foods--but ones that were outstanding.

While I'm sure Rushford residents John and Debra Bruihler make fine honey, why not Brian Frederickson's unsurpassed single-source Ames Farm honeys?

I've had "chippers," chocolate covered potato chips from Widman's candy in Crookston, and think the chocolate isn't great and overwhelms the chip. Next time, how about Edna's caramels or Pearson's nut rolls? Or, better yet, slices of thick-cut Thielen bacon dipped in Rogue chocolate?

Any time you need local food suggestions, Sen. Kobuchar, feel free to give a holler.

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