Hey Rick and Morty fans, you have one day to feast on that sweet, sweet Szechuan sauce

This Saturday only, grab your friends (but never Jerry) and go on a Szechuan sauce adventure.

This Saturday only, grab your friends (but never Jerry) and go on a Szechuan sauce adventure. Adult Swim

“I want that Mulan McNuggets sauce, Morty! That’s my series arc!”

Back in April, Rick Sanchez -- beloved alcoholic supergenius and one half of the titular duo in Adult Swim’s cult fave cartoon Rick and Morty -- proclaimed his love for a limited-edition McDonald’s Szechuan sauce offered by the fast food joint as part of a 1998 Disney tie-in.

It was exactly the kind of off-the-wall, out-of-left-field gag the show does best… meaning, naturally, that fans have been frothing at the mouth for the sugary sauce almost as much as their animated hero ever since.

Naturally, the joke became a meme, and Mickey D’s responded by literally sending the show’s creators a bottle of Mulan sauce. (Which, to their credit, they later auctioned off to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey.) Eventually a whopping 44,000 people signed a petition asking McDonald’s to bring the Mulan-themed dip back. 

Well, you beautiful, fast-food-loving weirdos, it worked. The Szechuan sauce will make a triumphant return to select McDonald’s locations this Saturday, October 7, at 2 p.m. as part of a promotion for the chain's new buttermilk tenders

Two Minneapolis Mickey D’s -- one at 407 15th Ave. S.E., another at 2929 Hennepin Ave. -- will have it on the menu, and a handful of other locations throughout the state are offering it as well. You can find the complete list of participating restaurants here.

You’ll notice that the promo page doesn’t explicitly mention Rick and Morty, though each order for the Szechuan sauce is accompanied by a free poster (while supplies last) that’s vaguely alien-themed.

More fine print: You can only get it if you dine in, not at the drive through, and quantities are limited “and may vary by restaurant.”

Also no word on what this means for Rick's series arc.