Hey, Joe! Want Free Breakfast? But Only If That IS Your Real Name...

Hey, Joe...

Hey, Joe...

We don't have to explain the magical effect free food has on the human mind. Promise sandwiches, no matter how mediocre, and the accounting meeting is going to be that much more well attended.

Otherwise clear-thinking people will wait in line for an hour for a free burrito or a free cone or any other thing that costs less than 10 dollars. When time literally is money, it's a difficult equation to figure out, but hey, humans are a complicated sort. So, is your name Joe? Then today is your lucky day.

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Present your ID at the Longfellow Grill today only, and if your first name is in fact "Joe," breakfast is on the house. Why? Well, it's National Joe Day, of course.

Blue Plate Restaurant Group (the people behind Longfellow Grill, the Lowry, Freehouse, Scusi, Three Squares, and Groveland Tap) have also been known to give away gratis food to bald people as well as to kids on snow days and the first day of summer.

So what's next? Only bald kids named Joe?

Longfellow Grill serves breakfast all day, but the offer is only for true breakfast -- 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. So set that alarm early... Joe.

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