Herkimer, moto-i managers duking it out in court


Popular Lyn-Lake restaurants The Herkimer brewpub and neighboring sake bar moto-i are at the center of a heated legal battle between a former manager and part-owner of the business and his business partner, who retains control of them.

In a complaint filed last month in Hennepin County District Court, former Herkimer Manager Chad Jamrozy says he was fired for no reason and shut out of the remainder of his involvement with The Herkimer -- as well as with moto-i and an energy drink company the two men own called TripleCaff. He claims that majority owner Blake Richardson also still owes him $10,000 for a loan he made and demands Richardson follow through on a promise of a 20 percent ownership stake in moto-i.

In a subsequent filing, Richardson shoots right back, accusing Jamrozy of embezzlement, of mishandling The Herkimer's insurance plan, of failing to pay the restaurant's vendors, leaving its books in "complete disarray," as well as "highly inappropriate" and "professionally embarrassing" behavior.

While Jamrozy himself admits "that there may have been occasions where [he] was intoxicated at the Herkimer during off-duty hours," he maintains his entitlement to repayment of the loan as well as his ownership stakes in the three businesses.

The two men also own TripleCaff, an energy drink on tap at several local restaurants.