Here's all the new food you'll eat at Vikings games this year

BeerCycles! Crab fries! What a time to be alive!

BeerCycles! Crab fries! What a time to be alive! Aramark

Really, Vikings?

After the Philadelphia Eagles taloned-apart your Super Bowl dreams, chewed them for a few seconds, then spat them back in your faces... after that, after 38-7, you're going to let their beloved sports bar chain—Chickie's & Pete's—become a constant presence at U.S. Bank Stadium?

According to a Thursday release from Aramark: yes. (And honestly, who can blame 'em? Those crab fries are the business.)

Chickie's & Pete's is one of a bunch of new vendors making their gameday debut in the 2018-2019 Vikings season, along with a few that are growing or putting new stuff on the menu. There will, apparently, be something called a "BeerCycle."

Here's the rundown of all the new stadium fare, as described by Aramark in the release:

Market Bar-B-Que – Family-owned and operated restaurant in Minneapolis for over 70 years
(Hyundai Club and Upper Level Concessions) 

  • Smoked brisket sandwich and pulled pork sandwich, both served with house fried BBQ chips and coleslaw
  • Jumbo smoked wings with house made blue cheese dressing, warm mini loaf of cornbread with maple cinnamon honey butter

Bibuta – Minneapolis eatery founded by acclaimed sushi chef Billy Tserenbat
(Hyundai Club)

  • Bigeye tuna and Norwegian salmon sushi burritos and bowls

Chickie’s & Pete’s – First introduced during Super Bowl LII, this menu selection proved to be an instant hit with fans
(Hyundai Club) 

  • Crab fries with their signature cheese sauce
  • Signature cheese steak and chicken cutlets

Bubble Waffle – This menu item makes its season-long debut, after first being introduced during Super Bowl LII
(111 Main Concourse, 318 Upper Concourse) 

  • Freshly baked waffle dough filled with ice cream, custard, yogurt or whipped cream, then personalized with a variety of toppings and drizzles. 

And here's who's getting bigger in the 2018-2019 season:

Be Graceful Catering
(Now available at 124 Main Concourse and 328 Upper Concourse)

  • Vegetarian and vegan options will be more widely available throughout concessions with a new location on the upper concourse, including options like BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich, sweet potato and black bean tacos, and a roast turkey sandwich

R Taco
(now available in Hyundai Club and upper concourse)

  • Popular Twin Cities’ taco destination will be expanding their offerings to include nachos for the upcoming season in the Hyundai Club

And a few more new general concessions options:

  • BeerCycle – An over-sized tricycle equipped to serve two varieties of draft beer will be positioned in one location at the beginning of the game, then pedaled to another position for the remainder of the game. The BeerCycle is a flexible and portable offering that goes where the fans are.
  • Grilled corn with chipotle mayo, cotija cheese, picked cilantro, and chili con limon seasoning (Sections 101 and 347)
  • House cured roast pork with shaved ham, swiss, house garlic pickles, mustard on a local Cuban roll (Sections 101 and 346)
  • Swedish meatballs on a stick with lingonberry chutney (Section 114 - State Fair Favorites)
  • Dippin Dots – Gluten and dairy free Nordic ice available along with the classic favorites (Sections 129 and 347)
  • 1st and Fry Co. – A new concession stand featuring expanded offerings of crowd favorites such as chicken tenders, cheese curds and French fries (Section 127)
  • Minneapolis Cocktail Co. – Formerly known as Mill City Grill, this concession stand will now provide a variety of cocktails and beers (Section 130)
  • Highland Park Whisky – As the northernmost Scotch distillery in the world, Highland Park’s award-winning whisky will be served throughout the stadium and will have a dedicated bar in the Upper East Concourse.

And don't worry, Purple People: Most of your favorites are returning in 2018, too. You'll still be able to wolf down a Kramarczuk’s brat.