Here are the patios that will be open for the freakishly warm weekend weather

The patio at Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge in northeast Minneapolis [Photo: Carlos Gonzalez]

The patio at Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge in northeast Minneapolis [Photo: Carlos Gonzalez]

We wring our hands about climate change until the thermometer hits 50+ in February, and then we use our hands to tip back cocktails on patios.

Hot damn! It’s gonna be almost 60 whole degrees this weekend. Don’t lie to yourself. You’re not Googling Al Gore to figure out what the fuck is going on. You’re Googling which patios are going to roll out the umbrellas for some fine out-of-doors imbibing.

Here’s a little help:

WA Frost
Don’t expect the full-on Hamptons-style rollout with cushy lawn furniture and blooming gardens (it’s winter, remember?), but St. Paul’s favorite patio will be servicing a few tables on a first-come, first-served basis.


374 Selby Ave., St Paul

Betty Dangers
This outdoor carnival for grownups with mini-golf and a ferris wheel bar in the sky will be accommodating those thirsty for blue wine, a full list of boozy margaritas, and “beer in a cup.”

You can even get on the wheel, but no mini golf, sorry. We gotta ease into this warm weather vibe. 

[UPDATE]: Betty has decided that she WILL open up the golf course in keeping with many other golf courses around town. So if you've got a yen to knock around some balls, you know where to go. 

2501 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis

Psycho Suzi’s
The sprawling, wackadoodle, riverside patio to beat all riverside patios will be open, complete with tiki, cheese curds, and carefully cultivated bad taste.

1900 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis

Lake Minnetonka’s glittering, almost seaside vistas will be a perfect place to make like it's June. It may not be warm enough to dock the yacht at this boat slip bar, but fantasy combined with bubbles is a good stopgap between now and then.

It also happens to be Fat Pants Friday, where the kitchen puts out its most ridiculous, many-layer sandwiches literally bigger than your head, while supplies last.

294 East Grove Lane, Wayzata

Smack Shack
Lobster rolls and Lemontinis will help you make like we're coastal, and help you believe there’s something sensical to beyond-50s in February.

Friday patio seating at lunchtime, and over the weekend as weather permits.

603 Washington Ave. N,. Minneapolis

Maynard’s Wharf & Bar
This usually seasonal-style restaurant and bar on the water is opening a summer shandy this weekend because, well, it seems like the thing to do. Lakeside eating and drinking is why we live here. Get a jump on it now.

685 Excelsior Blvd., Excelsior
Como Dockside
The very comprehensive setup at Como Dockside will be open Saturday and Sunday, with a full bar, Cajun dance band, and hush puppies with remoulade plus tons more. 

1360 Lexington Pkwy., St. Paul 

Chatterbox Pub
The old-school games bar says the patio will be open this weekend, snowbanks or no. They recommend a Russian Imperial Stout for a little winter dissonance in the sunshine.

2229 E. 35th St., Minneapolis