Here are some 4/20-themed beer events to help out with that cottonmouth

Inbound BrewCo's three-day 4/20 party will see the release of the "hazier than your hotbox" Juicy Lucy and Peanut Butter Brownie Milk Stout, "essentially the munchies of beer."

Inbound BrewCo's three-day 4/20 party will see the release of the "hazier than your hotbox" Juicy Lucy and Peanut Butter Brownie Milk Stout, "essentially the munchies of beer." Inbound BrewCo

Feeling a little… parched?

Tongue tacky? Throat scratchy? Having a little bit of trouble swallowing?

It’s definitely just allergies—certainly it has nothing to do with the fact that it's 4/20, the stoners' high holiday. Either way, you need to wet that whistle, so here are a handful of bars and breweries celebrating all things hop and hash, where you can quench your thirst and get a little crossfaded before you go home and watch Slow TV or whatever. 

(All pot puns included herein are the responsibility of the event host.)

Second Anniversary: Full on Bake Sale at Inbound BrewCo

Inbound's "fat stash of beer releases" starts at noon on 4/20 and goes all weekend long. Try the brand-new Juicy Lucy—it's "hazier than your hotbox"—plus a Peanut Butter Brownie Milk Stout the BrewCo calls "essentially the munchies of beer." And because beer doesn't always satisfy those weed-fueled cravings quite like deep-fried, tortilla-wrapped goodness, this weekend's food trucks are also a stoner's delight. Flagsmash is dishing out green matcha churros they're calling Thai Stix Friday; the Outlaw Grill puts tots in burritos and sells stuff that looks like this on Saturday; the Fabled Rooster's bacon-and-beef burger patties can cure your Sunday hangover. Inbound BrewCo, 701 N. Fifth St., Minneapolis; 612-615-8243,

Super Dank 4/20 at HopCat Minneapolis

Time to “grab your best bud and blaze a trail to HopCat,” where, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., you’ll find a bunch of super-dank IPAs on tap, including Oskar Blues Brewery’ Pinner Throwback, Lagunitas’ Waldo’s Special Ale and Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale, and Boulder Beer Co.’s Hazed and Infused. HopCat Minneapolis, 435 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis; 612-276-5555,

The Dankest Day of the Year at Insight Brewing

"Can we be blunt for a second?" asks Insight. Gang, you sure can! "On April 20th, we're throwing the most dope party you can think of, so roll into this joint with your buds, grab a pint of an infused Dankbot cask (so good that you'll be jonesing for another), and enjoy some free baked goods and munchies." They'll also have live music from LazyLightning420 and Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank. Event starts at 4:20 Friday (good), when they'll tap three Dankbot IPA casks: Purple Sticky Punchbot, Sour Dieselbot, and Mango OG Kushbot. Insight Brewing, 2821 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612-722-7222,

Dankness Day 2018 at Eastlake Craft Brewing

Four juicy IPAs make Eastlake's 2018 Dankness Day celebration worth a trip: Creedence Tapes, Electric Mayhem #3, Dankenstein's Monster ("an IPA made from parts of other IPAs"), and Sun Dogs Juicy Citra IPA. As a bonus, since they're located in Midtown Global Market, you can fix your munchie situation with Taco Cat or Hot Indian Foods or Manny's Tortas or any absurd, blissfully blazed-out combination of market vendors. Goes from noon to 11 p.m. Eastlake Craft Brewing, 920 E. Lake St. Ste. 123, Minneapolis; 612-224-9713,