Herbivorous Butcher to Host "Sausage Party" Pop-Up at Flip Phone Dance Party

Herbivorous Butcher is hosting a sausage party. No, it's not that kind of sausage party. This is a locally-produced handmade vegan sausage party. Got it? No?

Well try some samples for free at this vegan butchery's pop-up, on November 26 at 9:30 p.m. at Flip Phone Dance Party at Honey.

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Chef Kale Walch says he and his partner/vegan sibling Aubry Walch will be giving out scratch Italian "sausage" made from high protein wheat flour, pinto beans, sun dried tomatoes, and some "strategic spices."

"We'll be grilling them up on one of those sausage rolling grilling machines, like the ones you see at gas stations, although this food will be much better," he says.

The pop-up is an opportunity to spread the gospel about their Kickstarter campaign which is ticking away -- they're currently about halfway to their goal.

The Herbivorous Butcher launched its Kickstarter campaign on November 2 and has been one of the most popular food campaigns on the site. They've been selected as a "Staff Pick," and were "Featured Project" for several days in the food section. The campaign ends on Sunday November 30 at 6 p.m. The goal is $50,000 and to date they've raised $32,420.

The duo has already selected their space, 1032 3rd Ave NE, the old Los Compadres spot, and they've released their floor plan to us, which they hope will house a retail shop and kitchen.

"Our shop is to capture the nostalgia of a friendly neighborhood butcher shop with deli cases, meat slicers, and colorful displays, but in a space that's lighter, more open, and more modern and inviting," says Aubrey.

They insist that their vegan meats that would win over herbivores, omnivores, and even diehard carnivores, and that their handmade products are superior to "bland meat alternatives with unrecognizable ingredients".

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