Herbivorous Butcher employee among hit-and-run victims after Minneapolis daycare hanging


Minneapolis was horrified by Friday's news that a daycare operator had tried to hang a 1-year-old child and then fled the scene. 

Nataliia Karia fled her south Minneapolis daycare after attempting to kill the 16-month-old toddler, who was discovered by a parent trying to drop off their own child for care. The child survived Karia's attempted murder, and was taken to a hospital, where he was said to be "doing fine," the Star Tribune reports.

Karia's macabre morning continued after she left the scene. She fled the home daycare operation in her minivan, driving east on 28th Street, and was involved in three accidents in a matter of minutes. She collided with a pregnant woman's car; she hit and dragged a pedestrian; and she knocked over a bicyclist.

Karia later threatened to kill herself by jumping from the Park Avenue overpass and onto I-94 traffic. Witnesses grabbed the 42-year-old woman and held onto her until police arrived to arrest her.

The pedestrian she hit suffered broken bones and what's being called a "traumatic brain injury."

So did the bicyclist, Jacob Carrigan, who broke a leg in two places when Karia's car took him down. Carrigan works at Herbivorous Butcher, the revolutionary new vegan butcher shop in northeast Minneapolis, and his employers are trying to help Carrigan get back on his feet.

In early December, they'll hold a benefit dinner to raise money for Carrigan's medical bills. There's also a GoFundMe page to bring in money to help Carrigan pay for surgery and a lengthy recovery. 

"We're raising money for him to cover medical expenses and the time that he will be unable to work," reads the fundraising appeal. "Jacob's generosity and kindness for all is inspirational. He is an active part of the Minneapolis community and a devoted friend to so many."

This might sound like a generic endorsement of someone's good spirit. But Carrigan seems to be the real deal. Money is pouring into the vegan butcher's GoFundMe after he gave a remarkable interview to KARE 11, saying he's not bitter toward Karia, the woman who nearly killed him -- and four other people that morning, including herself.

He "immediately wanted to feel compassion" for Karia, and whatever it was "that could lead them to the circumstances."

He added: "I'm trying to make the most of this. I'm so grateful that nobody died."

Watch clips from Carrigan's interview below.