Hell's Kitchen vs. Scusi: a ricotta pancake prize fight

Lemon ricotta pancakes at Hell's Kitchen

Lemon ricotta pancakes at Hell's Kitchen

If cabin fever sets in during this family-focused long weekend, brunch is the perfect excuse to escape. This week's food fight features two spots serving ricotta pancakes, light and sweet, easier to swallow than relatives' relentless remember-when stories. Read on to see whether Hell's Kitchen or Scusi provides a tastier getaway.


Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen serves a healthy portion of three lemon-ricotta hotcakes, topped with berries, for $10.50. The hotcakes have a great, sweet citrus flavor that means the maple syrup usually goes untouched. This time, though, the texture was off--less light and fluffy than dissolve-in-my-mouth disappointing. Either they were heavy on the ricotta or short on the cooking time.

Scusi Scusi offers $8 ricotta pancakes during brunch, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. Its pancakes are dressed up with vanilla-poached pear, amaretti crumble (amaretti are Italian almond-flavored macaroons) and whipped cream. The flavors balance well, as do the textures of the crunchy amaretti and silky pear.

The winner:Ready to flee family? Head to Scusi. Their toppings are a welcome variation for pancake lovers. Plus, it's a few bucks less for a portion similar in size to Hell's Kitchen's.