Hell's Kitchen tells homophobic Yelp reviewer never to return

Be nice, or get the hell out.

Be nice, or get the hell out.

Hell's Kitchen, the downtown Minneapolis underground restaurant for everybody has always had its own point of view, which boils down to this: Be nice or get the hell out.

Mitch Omer, the late chef and big personality behind the place, once famously threw out a customer for mistreating his staff, personally coming into the dining room in full cook's regalia and commanding in full voice and full expletives to, you know, get the hell out. 

Now that Omer is gone, the restaurant (still run by his spouse and partner Cynthia Gerdes) maintains its convictions.

A Yelp reviewer recently felt the need to post this ridiculous quip on the Hell's Kitchen page: "Too many gay people." 

Hell's Kitchen quickly went in headlong, telling that Yelper what they could do: 

"We ask that you not return to Hell's Kitchen again. All of us who work here, whether straight or gay, view Hell's Kitchen as our home; we open our doors each morning and do our best to make every person kind enough to dine with us feel as if it is their home, too. We do our best to make every guest feel welcome, we do our best to create an environment that gives them a chance to enjoy the company of their friends, we do our best to create an environment that is blind to any form of prejudice and we do our best to create an environment that is safe. These aren’t “business goals”….they’re just naturally in the DNA of every one of the 166 members of our Hell's Kitchen family.

While you’re certainly free to post any comment you want about us, we’re equally free to say you cannot enter our home again.

Cyn, Pat and the staff at Hell's Kitchen"

Fox 9 reports that "A family member says the Yelp user has retracted his comment and has learned the error of his ways."