Hell's Kitchen in Duluth is now Hell Burgers


Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis is famous for its breakfasts, but in Duluth--not so much, apparently. Next time you're visiting the North Shore, don't be surprised to find that your go-to breakfast stop has now become your go-to lunch spot.

Hell's Kitchen has completely revamped its Duluth branch and, as of last week, is now Hell Burgers. The reason for the change was a tepid breakfast business that waned during the winter, says Hell's Kitchen general manager Tony Perella in Minneapolis. "It was good, but it was very seasonal. We were looking for something that was more accessible to the community year-round."

HK rebuilt the Canal Park location in a brighter, less gothic décor and changed the menu to try to create a northern version of the burger craze sweeping the Twin Cities (Blue Door Pub, Burger Jones, Smashburger, et al.)--but with a twist: They also added custom cocktails and spiked malts (chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, and Frangelico, mmmm). The burgers come with a wider variety of cheeses, with some "a little more spicy," Perella says (including jalapenos or buffalo sauce). And a big video screen shows old movies and TV shows.

At least one blogger is already itching for a Twin Cities version of Hell Burgers. Any chance?

"It something we've discussed. We haven't really formulated any game plan," Perella says, but they'll keep a close eye on how successful the concept is in Duluth.