Hell's Kitchen announces wedding winners!

The beginning of wedded bliss lies in Hell's Kitchen for one lucky couple
The beginning of wedded bliss lies in Hell's Kitchen for one lucky couple

As the hour for the historic vote drew near, Hell's Kitchen were the first to raise their hands and offer the opportunity for a same sex couple to celebrate their marriage at the restaurant, for free. People clamoured for the opportunity, other businesses jumped on the bandwagon in a fit of rainbow festooned solidarity. This weekend, Hell's Kitchen announced the winners as well as five "second place" winners.

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From Hell's Kitchen's Facebook page, chef and owner Mitch Omer's wife Cyn (Cynthia Gerdes) wrote:

When Mitch and I looked at each other excitedly and blurted, "Let's throw a free wedding!" we had no idea just how daunting choosing the winning couple would be, because instead of just a handful of entries, word spread like fire and we were absolutely inundated with requests.

In addition to all the folks who simply wrote "We'd love to be chosen; please throw our names into the hat," we also received tons of heartfelt letters explaining how couples met as well as why they hoped to be chosen. Many were poignant, many were joyful, and you can't even begin to imagine how many brought us to tears. BUT! Because you guys have already had enough hoops to jump through, in the end, Mitch simply closed his eyes (literally) and picked the winning couple.

HUGE CONGRATS to Kelly Hidlebaugh and Robbie Kearney: you just WON our August 1st wedding! Contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience because we've got a helluva wedding to start planning!

BUT WAIT! There's More! Literally, within the last 15 minutes, Mitch couldn't stand just choosing one couple, so we threw in 5 more prizes:

Congrats to Ryan McKeever and his partner David...we'll throw a Bachelor/Bachelor party in our Far Side Pub for up to 30 friends.

Congrats to Beth Varels and Jess Yoakum...during Pride week, Angel Food will have three dozen free Pride Cupcakes to share with your wealth of friends.

Congrats to David Kohman and Ed Kwiatkowski...we'll spring for a Family Brunch the afternoon following your wedding.

Congrats to Ramon Granda and Joseph O'Brien, together for 53 years...Angel Food Bakery will bake you a gorgeous Rainbow Cake to add to your festivities.

Congrats to Shannon Brumbaugh and Heather Mathewson...we'll throw a Rehearsal Dinner for 12 in our spiffed up Fireplace Room.

And most of all, congrats to ALL of you for finally getting a freedom that should have belonged to everyone in the first place."

Well said, Mazel Tov!
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