Hello Kitty wine: It actually exists

Can you really describe Hello Kitty wine as "fine and elegant?"

Torti wines of Italy claims its new "prestigious" Hello Kitty wine is just that: a series of classy wines that will include a sparkling brut rosé, an Angel White and a Devil Red, and a sparkling "Sweet Pink" that you can consume from the most opulent of Sanrio goblets.

Beyond generic adjectives, the makers themselves don't even quite know what to say about the melding of alcohol and a classic Japanese cartoon: The "news" page for the wine is simply a giant photo of a grotesquely over-decorated Hello Kitty-themed room in the winery. Shouldn't Joe Camel be pissed about this?

Using the tag line "Our favorite girl has grown up," the series of wines is meant to celebrate Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary and the presumably 21+ women who grew up with her (and now spend thousands of dollars on Kitty jewelry. Eeek!). Naturally marketing wine with a cartoon character has caused plenty of outrage, but to be honest, I'm more upset that that bitch has her own plane.