Heirloom will turn into a late night pizzeria (with hip hop and tallboys!) tonight

Tonight, Heirloom transforms itself into a pizza party.

Tonight, Heirloom transforms itself into a pizza party. Photo courtesy of Heirloom

St. Paul's relative newcomer Heirloom is known for its elegant seasonal Midwestern cooking.

So elegant, it made our cover story for this week.

But not tonight. Tonight they're taking off the bistro apron, cranking up some hip hop, and making some goddamn pizza. And you're invited! 

Here's the deal: 

Slices are $6 each, and Minnesota Gold Tallboys are $4.

Buy a ticket at the door, each ticket gets a slice from the kitchen.

Three choices (and sorry, but no gluten-free, no dairy-free, and no special orders). 

Here's the menu: 

The "Shelly Long" (which we're told is an inside kitchen joke, and essentially a mashed potato pizza.)

The "Tom Brady" with mushroom and goat cheese 


"The No Clever Name Yet" with pepperoni with smoked scamorza (Italian cow's milk cheese) and mozzeralla

No full service, and no pretense.

They just want to "chill, drink, crank some hip hop and have fun!" 

Don't you, too? 

11 p.m. until the pies run out

2186 Marshall Ave., St. Paul