Heirloom Restaurant and Bar is now open


"Interesting vegetables" with herbs, butter and whey from Heirloom.

The Merriam Park area of St. Paul is somewhat underserved when it comes to good eats. You're covered for good ice cream at Izzy's, great coffee at Kopplin's, and perfect burgers at Blue Door. But beyond that, you might have to (gasp) cross the river.

Heirloom to the rescue. Longtime W.A. Frost chef Wyatt Evans has been dreaming of a "modern farmhouse restaurant" and now he's got one. So if you've liked the fine consistency of Frost, head down the road to Heirloom, where things are getting more interesting and more inventive.

Menu sneak peeks include ocean trout pastrami, parsnip jerky, meat pie with green tomato, and "interesting vegetables" with herbs, butter and whey.

See? Interesting. And now open.


2186 Marshall Ave., St. Paul 


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