Heggies vs. Papa John's: Beloved Minn. pizza brand beefs with tasteless chain

Heggies President Shawn Dockter rallying the troops Tuesday outside of Manning's.

Heggies President Shawn Dockter rallying the troops Tuesday outside of Manning's. Heggies

Heggies will not stand idly by as Big Pizza disparages frozen 'za.  

The beloved Minnesota pizza company took great umbrage at a low-blow tweet from Papa John's, the anti-activism, anti-taste multinational chain. "Frozen pizza = the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy," read an apparently since-deleted tweet, according to Heggies. (Papa John's, for what it's worth, takes frequent shots at frozen pizza.)

"Well, that sat in our gut like a soggy made-to-deliver pizza," reads a shit-starting press release issued Tuesday by Heggies, the Milaca-headquartered frozen pizza brand that's available inside countless regional bars and grocery stores. 

Yesterday outside Manning's Restaurant & Bar in Minneapolis, Heggies fired back at Papa John's via a "low-level" press conference that "no press attended." 

That's where Heggies president Shawn Dockter, pictured above, taunted Papa John's with a proposed "Great Pizza Snowdown." The gist? When Papa John's, the NFL's official pizza sponsor, brings its corporate pizza presence to town for February's Super Bowl, Heggies wants to do battle. 

"We will bring a pizza oven and our quality, creative, handmade and authentic frozen pizza," reads the press release. "You bring your pizza, its cost-you-a lot-of-'dough' advertising slogan and a cardboard pizza box."

The pizza-chomping public will then decide which brand tastes better. Here's more from Dockter, who's clearly relishing the cheesy David vs. Goliath showdown.

"We are just looking for a handshake in victory, that’s all, and perhaps some better understanding that there is a big pie in which both of us can succeed. Respect would be cool too, but it’s not like I’m looking to be referred to as Papa Shawn or anything," Dockter explains. "I do expect we’d have some sort of participation trophy for Papa John’s though, we apparently have a bunch hanging around. It’s a fitting parting gift."

Damn! So much PR beef. 

Papa John's HQ did not immediately respond to our request for comment. Back on Twitter, founder/CEO "Papa John" Schnatter ignored this pizza reporter

In semi-related news: Last week also saw local pizza drama, when Red's Savoy ignited a debate about the dubious existence of "Minnesota-style" pizza.