Heggies Pizza's coming to Vikings games, approaching peak Minnesota

Your favorite bar food is coming to your favorite currently standing home field Minnesota Vikings stadium.

Your favorite bar food is coming to your favorite currently standing home field Minnesota Vikings stadium. Lucy Hawthorne

The Minnesota Vikings kick off their 2019-20 campaign Sunday with a home game against the Atlanta Falcons, and look, you're free to immerse yourself in mainstream Vikings news coverage until the precise moment your boss walks by.

How's Stefon Diggs' hamstring? Will Xavier Rhodes ever be the same? Which week will some sort of kicking tragedy occur? Can Kirk Cousins reconnect with Josh Doctson? And how many rocks are left in Kirk's bizarre mortality decoration?

All good questions. Here's what's Vikings fans can't argue about: Everybody eats. And when they buy tickets to a Vikings game -- or (let's be real) know someone whose brother's company buys season tickets to bribe clients but has four extras if you're in town next weekend -- they eat at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The Vikings announced this year's new stadium foods Wednesday, and the first player out of the tunnel is a powerhouse: Heggies Pizza, No. 2 in City Pages' ranking of local frozen pizzas and No. 1 in your hearts.

Calling Heggies its "pizza provider" (a description you should immediately work into your Tinder profile), the Vikings had this to say:

From its humble beginning in 1989, Heggies Pizza is now available across most of the Midwest. Based in Milaca, Minnesota, Heggies’ focus on quality ingredients and unique recipes has made it one of Minnesota’s favorites for nearly three decades.

During those 30 years in operation, Heggies has undoubtedly comforted many bar-going or home-bound Vikings fans, a salty, cheesy balm for whatever mishap or massacre's playing out in front of them. As of Sunday, you pizza people can manage your misery in person.

The announcement also spells out other new featured stadium foods -- one standout: Heritage Tea House, the black-owned St. Paul soul food spot -- and says which existing vendors will be found in more locations this year. (If you like Market Bar B-Que's pulled pork sandwich, good people of section of 122, we've got swell news.)

Read the full list of stadium food and drink news here.