Heggies Pizza introducing new flavors by star chef Doug Flicker

The indomitable bar pie is about to get even tastier.

The indomitable bar pie is about to get even tastier. Courtesy of Heggies

Heggies, the beloved bar pie of Minnesota, the late-night sponge for all your overindulgences, the drippy, cheesy messiah of grease, is getting a fine-dining touch.

Well, sort of. 

The Milaca, Minnesota-based brand has partnered up with local star chef Doug Flicker (formerly of Piccolo, currently of Esker Grove) to craft some new flavors for its lineup. Before you rage against the yuppification of your favorite cheap treat, put down your pitchforks: This won't be foam-topped, truffle-dusted, essence de pizza. Heggies says the flavors "will echo the culture and taste of Heggies’ core customers, while continuing to elevate common perceptions of frozen pizza."

Honestly, the only perception we have of Heggies is that it's delicious and we want more of it, especially when we're all up in the sauce.

Though Heggies isn't divulging what flavors might come of the collaboration, Mpls-St. Paul Mag reports that the first new pie will be a Mexican pizza. "El Jefe" is topped with chorizo, cheddar, mozzarella, spicy sauce, jalapenos, and black olives. 

Flicker's involvement with Heggies shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. The five-time James Beard semifinalist is a noted fan of the brand. He also recently purchased the former Sunrise Inn in south Minneapolis with plans to reopen it as Bull's Horn -- a burger bar that will serve the classic bar pizza.

Check back in late summer/early fall for more details on this one-two punch of chef wizardry and cult classic bar fare.

Bull's Horn
4543 S. 34th Ave., Minneapolis
Opens late summer 2017