Heartland's the Last Word cocktail highlights a rare ingredient

The Last Word

Heartland Restaurant and Farm Direct Market
289 E. 5th St., St. Paul

The new Heartland space creates a fullness to Lowertown's dining scene, with its menu changing daily to reflect availability of locally sourced meat and produce and masterful uses of this colorful palette. So too does the Heartland bar complement the space and reflect mastery of cocktail craft. 

Adam Harness, formerly of Town Talk, and two-time

Iron Bartender winner (with the TT team)

is behind the bar, armed with all the fancy stuff. His creative spirit and enthusiasm are clear in the cocktail list. It's comprised of many classics like martinis and Manhattans, upscaled and modernized. I decided to try the Last Word, because I rarely see Chartreuse--which dates to the 1600s, created by monks in the French Alps using 130 different herbs and botanicals---used in mixed cocktails. The cocktail mixes Chartreuse with gin and citrus, creating a delicate balance in which the herbs shine but do not overpower. Created with such a mix of floral and herbs, it's a very fitting companion to a farm-fresh meal.

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Heartland Restaurant and Farm Direct Market

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