Healthy Food Summit with Mark Bittman

Mom wasn't kidding when she told you to eat those veggies.  Distressing statistics about the American diet seem inescapable these days.  Turns out the burger 'n' fries way of life is harming not only our families but the planet.  The University of Minnesota is addressing these issues at the upcoming Healthy Foods Summit to be held Thursday, September 30, and Friday, October 1, at the University Radisson and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum respectively.
Day one of the summit culminates in an evening with New York Times columnist and author of How to Eat Everything, Mark Bittman.  Bittman will discuss his latest book Food Matters: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living.   Chef, restaurateur and local food enthusiast Lucia Watson will provide an introduction.  Tickets are available online for $35 and are first-come, first-serve. Hors d'oeuvres, wine, and beer will be available before the discussion, while a book-signing and Q&A session will be held after.

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