Healthy, affordable, and fast salad shop coming to Wayzata

Last year, restaurateur Ryan Burnet (also of Burch, Bar La Grassa, Barrio) opened the aptly named Eastside on the east side of Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis. There they serve a stealthily healthy menu that's low on gluten and heavy on grains, veg, and high-quality proteins.


Burnet is a boxer (and has also recently opened Fighting Chance Boxing Gym in north Minneapolis, where kids can come and train and get a healthy meal in a one-stop-shop) and a guy with means (he's also a real estate mogul, like his dad). 

Think of Eastside as a place you'd go if you were a super healthy five-percenter with cash to toss around like so much spare change. Burnet called it the kind of place you could go if you wanted to eat out two or three times a week but not feel guilty about it. Personally, I'd feel plenty guilty if I was dining on oysters on the half shell or lamb shoulder two or three times a week, mostly because my rent check would be late. 

Enter Ryan's newest concept. It may be located out in toniest Wayzata, but we can get on board with the concept because it will likely catch on closer to home.

Burnet's new spot doesn't have a name yet, but it will be a "salad place," he says, an affordable spot "for people who want fresh, healthy food but don’t have the time for full-service dining.” Chipotle has been so wildly popular because they got the fast and cheap thing down, pat. But they're lacking in the health category, in more than one way. 

If Ryan can step in and fill this niche, it could be his biggest contribution to the Twin Cities dining scene yet — bigger even than the best steakhouse in town (Burch) or stylish Mexican (Barrio). 

They're also planning an online ordering system, where customers will be able to easily place an order on their phone, pay, and pick up in minutes without having to wait in line.

Wayzata will be the first location for the concept, Burnet says, indicating that there will be others. This news comes on the heels of reports that Gavin Kaysen is also planning a new restaurant in the western suburb. 

Construction on the "salad place" begins in August 
Name TBD 
755 East Lake Street in Wayzata