Haute Dish Goes BBQ Hut June 1 to June 6

HD goes Q

HD goes Q

We've already documented the many enthusiasms of Haute Dish (and now Nighthawks chef) Landon Schoenefeld. If you want to know about them, check it out here or here.

Among them is barbecue, and for a second year in a row, Schoenefeld's shutting down the haute, and going hut, to showcase his BBQ prowess. This is a special treat for the city, as our pit masters are few and far between.

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From June 1 through the 6, the BBQ Hut will hustle into Haute Dish, serving for a limited time only:

-St. Louis ribs -lamb belly -veal breast -turkey breast -beef brisket -fried chicken -bologna sandwiches -pork shoulder -collard greens -mac and cheese -atomic wings

And to wash it all down, limited edition beers from Schell's and Odell. For reservations, call 612-338-8484

Before the hut hits, visit Haute Dish on May 31, when Schoenefeld and the gang will be celebrating five years in business with food from Peep's Hotbox, live music, and beer. From 2 p.m. till close. Happy birthday, Haute Dish.

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