Haute Dish celebrates the State Fair with (really good) food on a stick

Next week Haute Dish will host its second annual Haute Dish on a Stick
Next week Haute Dish will host its second annual Haute Dish on a Stick

If you just happen to be joining us here in Minnesota/on earth, it's officially State Fair season. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to head over to the fairgrounds to get a taste of the action. Next week, for the second year in a row, Haute Dish will host a three-day, State Fair-inspired celebration of its own. Dubbed "Haute Dish on a Stick," this dim sum-style menu is an homage to the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

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From August 26 to 28, Haute Dish will completely change up its menu, from high-end takes on traditional Minnesota-style comfort foods to an offering of small fair-inspired fare, much of which will of course be served on a stick.

Items will be served a la carte and range in price from $2-$8. Some tasty morsels to look forward to include grilled sweetbreads with peanuts, hoisin, serrano chilis, and cilantro ($6), smoked lamb belly with an olive oil potato salad and tomato jam ($3), and a Jamaican jerk chicken thigh with ginger sauce ($3).

The two most expensive items on the menu are an Italian-style octopus ($8) and the foiely pop ($8), a torchon of foie gras enveloped in pop rocks.

In addition to the many meat-centric bites available, Haute Dish also has a variety of options to make any vegetarian would-be-fair-goer happy. The carrot corn dog with dill mustard and tear drop peppers ($3) sounds particularly fascinating, while the melon and tomato with dill and cucumber ($2) sounds perfectly refreshing.

The original idea for the event came about as a way to help pick up business during the State Fair lull. Haute Dish co-owner, Dave Walters says, "Landon and I were brainstorming ideas last year and I thought about doing a Minnesota State Fair-themed dinner for a few days, food on a stick. Landon came up with the idea to make it dim sum and change the menu entirely."

"We had a great response last year, so we made some changes, improvements, and expanded the menu to make it an even bigger event this year," says Walters.

So when you get all faired out or, if the fair just isn't your jam, this might be the event for you. Judging by early online reactions to some of the new items at the fair this year, you might just be better off. For more information, visit Haute Dish on Facebook.

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