"Hate has no business here" signs appear in some restaurant windows

Some local restaurants are putting these signs in their windows.

Some local restaurants are putting these signs in their windows.

"Hate has no business here," the signs begin, and then boldly: "We stand with our Muslim community members," and "we stand with refugees and immigrants."

So far, we've spotted them at Ward 6 and Common Roots. "All are welcome here" is then translated into Somali, Arabic, Spanish and Hmong. 

In recent weeks, Midwestern restaurants have been the site of xenophobic hate crimes, including a Somali woman being attacked with a beer bottle in a Coon Rapids Applebees, and a Grand Forks Somali restaurant being firebombed in an apparent hate crime. 

Other restaurants have been vocal online about their zero tolerance for hatey behavior under their brick and mortar, including Hell's Kitchen and Nightingale. We imagine the idea will spread far and wide thanks to our diverse and mostly tolerant communities. 

However, Ward 6 co-owner Bob Parker says the decision to post the sign has already started a firestorm on their social social media page. Still, they're standing firm.

"[Co-owner] Eric [Foster] and I believe in human values that should be reflected in how we do business, and how we are woven into the community. We believe in issues that affect this, like justice, honesty, contribution and a positive effect on our community, and therefore society. We feel that it is important to be involved and call out ideas and actions that are really contrary to a better life for all of our neighbors and fellow citizens. We all need to remember Edmund Burke's statement about allowing evil to triumph by good men to do nothing," he said. 

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.