Harvest Grill, food truck from and for Minnesota

Another food truck has hit the streets this year--the sunset-colored Harvest Grill. The truck is an offshoot of the Harvest Grill restaurant at Bunker Hills golf course in Coon Rapids. 

We stopped by for a first taste of this proudly Minnesotan truck.

The truck is filled with sandwiches and wraps. The menu consisted of BLTs, Buffalo chicken wraps, and pulled pork sandwiches. The food is largely sourced locally, from Minnesota Food Alliance through Sysco. We opted for the turkey wrap with lingonberry cream cheese. It's a large flour tortilla lined with deli turkey slices and cheese and topped with spinach, all rolled up and sliced in half.

It was unequivocally mild in every aspect of the word. There wasn't much tartness to the lingonberries to liven up the wrap. It was simple, straightforward, and snoozy. That said, not every street-side diner is hankering for blazing, crazy heat or squiggly little octopus salads. Some  beige palates prefer their steaks cooked to charcoal gray, produce carefully wrapped in cellophane, and lunch meat to come in tube form. This is the truck for those masses. 

One of the best parts about the food truck collective in downtown Minneapolis is the massive amount of choice, which brings all sorts of disparate palates together.

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