Happy Birthday, Pres. Obama: We reminisce your food choices


In honor of President Barack Obama's 48th birthday today, Hot Dish takes a look back at the history of the man's relationship with food, from way back when he was talking up peach cobbler for public television crowds up to drinking Budweiser last week on the White House lawn.

  • Obama revealed back in 2001 his affinity for the "Southern Sampler," corncakes and peach cobbler from Dixie's Kitchen and Bait Shop in Chicago's Hyde Park for a public television show called "Check, Please."
  • Fast forward to early on in Mr. Obama's campaign where he prepares tuna salad (secret ingredient? gherkins!) with his family. His daughters tease him about only being able to make that and chili. Wife Michelle Obama says he makes omelets sometimes. Obama also talks up his "cheese toast."
  • The prez likes burgers. This past May, Obama got some serious flak-ola for ordering a patty with dijon mustard, no ketchup. By June, Obama had smoothed out his request, scratching "dijon" from his lexicon and asking for mere mustard when he grabbed a burger from Five Guys.
  • This brings us to Obama's seemingly uber self-conscious choice to drink Bud Light with Harvard intellectual Henry Louis Gates and police officer James Crowley.
And while we're at it, let's not forget to mention all the Obama-inspired foods that have come down the pipeline alongside his rise to the presidency. There's "Obama Blend" coffee, Ben & Jerry's "Yes Pe'CAN!" ice cream, the Canadian elephant-ear like "Obama Tail," "Obamanator" beer, and of course the ketchup-less "Barack Burger." Know of any others?

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!