Hankering for an Indurrito at the Mall of America? Hot Indian Foods will be there

Coming soon: mall-walking fuel courtesy of Hot Indian Foods

Coming soon: mall-walking fuel courtesy of Hot Indian Foods

If you have plans to head to the Mall of America this summer and, in the midst of your mall-walking/mirror-mazing/rollercoaster-riding/Crayola-Experiencing/shopping, are struck with an urgent desire -- nay, a need -- for some fast casual, totally satisfying Indian food, don’t worry.

Hot Indian Foods is expanding.

Hot Indian Foods debuted in 2013 with a bright orange food truck, serving Indian classics with a twist. (The Indurrito combines chana masala, rice, seared paneer, and slow-cooked meats in a house-made roti.) Since then, they’ve set up shop in Midtown Global Market and Target Field with a seasonal stall at the State Fair. In November, they announced a location in the Minneapolis skyway. That opening is imminent. This further expansion into MoA shows us they’re clearly not content to rest on their laurels.

The Mall of America location will feature their trademark Indurritos and Indi Frites in addition to rice bowls, samosas, braised yogurt-marinated meats, and more. “Hot Indian Foods is all about making Indian cuisine and culture more accessible to a broader audience," CEO and Founder of Hot Indian Foods, Amol Dixit said in a statement. "What better place to reach a broader audience than at Mall of America?” (As the Mall of America boasts both an aquarium and a wedding chapel, Dixit’s prediction is on the money.)

Look for Hot Indian Foods this summer in the new dining area of Mall of America, Culinary on North on Level 3. “Hot Indian Foods is the perfect addition to the eclectic mix of dining options at Mall of America,” said VP of Leasing Carrie Charleston. “Indian cuisine is quickly becoming part of the fast casual craze and has been highly requested from guests. We’re thrilled to have them join us.”

So next time you’re visiting the Lego store, make a pit stop at Hot Indian Foods. Go for your old favorite or try something brand-new to you. As Hot Indian’s website says, “We want every person who eats with us to take away something fun, memorable, and meaningful.”

A chicken tikka Indi taco should fit the bill.