Hangover banishment: Our picks for the best New Year's Day brunch

After all those New Year's Eve toasts, you're gonna need a good breakfast.

After all those New Year's Eve toasts, you're gonna need a good breakfast.

The epic nature of your hangover can only be expressed in an obscure Ukrainian dialect. Mistakes were made. The only way to battle this unjust punishment dealt by our favorite frienemy is to get some breakfast in that belly, stat. We've rounded up the five best places to ease the pain of that brown bottle flu.

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Blackbird is open every day for breakfast, but a special New Year's Day service will start at 10 a.m. Their mix of inspired dishes like the Norske scramble with ribbons of house-smoked salmon, dill, and creme fraiche is so perfectly Minnesotan that you'd think it came with a side of Sorrel boots. However, their take on the Vietnamese classic banh mi continues to be one of the best sandwiches you can find anywhere in the Twin Cities. Succulent, shredded roast pork is perked up by tangy pickles and jalapenos. Best of all, the Blackbird staff promises "service without judgement." If only we were so kind to ourselves.

An adorable little bakery and lunch spot, this buttery baby gets the job done. The coffee is strong enough to peel back your eyelids, but even better, New Year's Day will mark the premiere of their zesty beer Bloody Marys and they aren't shy about sharing a few mimosas either. The egg sandwich is an excellent entry into the canon of perfect breakfast dishes served on bread. Your best bet for redeeming this day is to order their Huevos Benedict. Two eggs are placed on a base of ever-so-slightly-sweet cornbread and doused in salsa, black beans, and a curlicue assortment of fried tortilla strips. It's even served with a side of salad and fruit. Thus, it also fulfills that resolution to be healthier in 2014. 

Did you know the CC Club serves breakfast? And that they open every day at 8 a.m.? And according to the kind fellow we spoke to on the phone, they'll be opening their doors that early New Year's Day as well. This beloved dive lands at number one on our list not just because it's a classic, and not just because those fried eggs might as well be poached in blessed, all-curing grease, and not just because the Bloody Mary will make you say, "What hangover?" It's because the interior of the CC Club is so blessedly dark it's like crawling into the pocket of your favorite worn-out jeans. This joint will forgive you no matter what foul behavior you might have committed last night. And why not kick off 2014 with a little love and understanding?

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