HammerHeart's Winterblot Tap Takeover and Black Metal Fest at Triple Rock

HammerHeart Brewing

HammerHeart Brewing

Winterblót is a Norse pagan tradition. While the event is historically a winter solstice feast or sacrifice, the Winterblót that HammerHeart Brewing is planning is, mercifully, a concert instead of a bloodletting.

On December 20 at Triple Rock Social Club, six HammerHeart beers will be on tap, including a special one-time brew made just for the occasion. The sweet sounds of black metal will ring through the bar: Wodensthrone, Falls of Rauros, Obsidian Tongue, Woman Is the Earth, Nechochwen, and False.These bands cover the metal genre expanse from atmospheric and brooding to loud, epic, and powerful -- all fitting terms for the HammerHeart line of beers as well.

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Taps will be chosen by the brewery and the Triple Rock staff as the event nears, so the specific beer lineup is under wraps at present. The specialty beer is Sköll's Stout, a barrel-aged chocolate stout that is "hearty, rich, yet drinkable," says brewery co-owner Nathanial Chapman. The name refers to a wolf in Norse mythology.

The musical acts were chosen by HammerHeart's head brewer Austin Linn, and the concert will include original artwork and merchandise from Nate Burns and distribution tables from Gilead Media and Bindrune Recordings. Advance tickets are available at the HammerHeart taproom, Triple Rock, Into the Void record store, and online via Ticketfly.

HammerHeart is a proudly Norse-themed brewery located in Lino Lakes. Going forward, they plan to regularly host events in line with the Norse calendar. While they don't promise a Winterblót annually, HammerHeart will make the seasonal celebrations a regular thing. "The 'blót' may be on a different day. For example, one year we may do it on Høstblót, on Sommerblót, or Ostara," says Chapman.


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