Gwyneth cooks "fast food" for us


As insipid as it might seem from the outside, and as much as I've wanted to make fun of it since signing up for it, Gwyneth Paltrow's weekly GOOP newsletter really isn't all that bad (aside from its terrible name).

Case in point, her recent how-to video for a quick dinner of roast chicken and salad. Unlike some of Rachael Ray's easy-on-TV-but-friggin-impossible-in-real-life recipes, this one is actually, truly easy.

The tip about slicing the chicken is def. useful. Plus: fresh fava beans in salad! Nice! It's also refreshing to see how sort of careless she is, all half-paring the fingerling potatoes and sort of recklessly stuffing the herbs in the chicken.

Ok, it is kinda funny that she calls it "fast food" though.

Video after the jump.