Guy Fieri responds to City Pages cover story, denies anti-Semitic and homophobic remarks

Guy Fieri responds to this City Pages cover story
Guy Fieri responds to this City Pages cover story
Mike Kooiman

Guy Fieri is firing back at this week's City Pages cover story, which chronicled the rise of the Food Network's hit show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and the collapse of Fieri's relationship with its producer, David Page.

In a formal statement released by Team Fieri, the Food Network star denies being homophobic or anti-Semitic. The statement claimed the feature was riddled with "omissions, basic errors, and complete fabrications."

But when we reached out to Food Network executives, Fieri's manager, Fieri's public relations firm, and a number of ex-employees to get his side of the story, they either didn't return phone calls and emails or declined to comment for the record.

The public statement reads as follows:

Guy's reputation speaks for itself. He's a standup guy who does right by people. He would never make the kind of comments attributed to him in this story, and anyone who knows or has even met him knows that. That Mr. Page made these sadly desperate statements says more about him than it does about Guy or anyone on the Food Network team.

If Fieri's side of the story is missing from our account, it is for one reason: He refused to tell it.

For the record, we remain interested in talking with Guy Fieri. He knows how to reach us.

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