Guess where I'm eating? Plus this month's winner announced!

Every week, we'll show you a photo we've snapped at a local restaurant -- it's up to you to guess the dish and the restaurant that serves it. The first person to answer correctly in the comments (create a Voice Places account or comment anonymously, but be sure to leave your email address when prompted-- it won't be visible), will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card to a local restaurant. 

This week's dish is a glorious plate of tender meat and spicy green peppers. You might be able to feel the fire even from this far away. We devoured the dish and braved the aftermath with a perverse glee that only crazy spice fans will understand. How about you? Have you danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Or, in this case, faced down the fire-breathing dragon and lived to tell the tale? Let us know in the comments if you recognize this dish!

Last week's dish was the goat treatment at Ian Gray's the Gray House: tender goat served with fat threads of house-made pasta and topped with a cloud of creamy chevre. Though we loved reading your guesses and now have a very long list of pappardelle spots we'll have to try soon, MexicoDeb first identified the dish. She was entered in this month's contest, but it was amchristians who won the gift certificate drawing. Congratulations! Email us for your prize.

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