Guess where I'm eating?

Every week, we'll show you a photo we've snapped at a local restaurant -- it's up to you to guess the dish and the restaurant that serves it. The first person to answer correctly in the comments (create a Voice Places account or comment anonymously, but be sure to leave your email address when prompted -- it won't be visible), will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card to a local restaurant.

When you're already stuffed to the gills from a night of fine dining, resisting the dessert menu should be a no-brainer. And yet, suddenly there you are with that thin slip of paper in your hand, mulling over the choices. Maybe you'll just share with someone, you think. Maybe we can split something small, you tell yourself.

And then this dish arrives, and all bets are off. Promises are forgotten. Friendships and family ties fall to the wayside. You learn very quickly that when it comes to this dessert, it's best to just order your own.

This pretty little square of yellow cake is moist, topped with a light cream, and served in a pool of sweetened milk you'll want to lap up. It's a signature dish for this particular eatery, so fans will likely recognize it straight away.

Last week's dish was a corn cake topped with earthy mushrooms and a gently poached egg. Our loyal Hot Dish reader Maaarvin identified the shiitake cachapas from Hola Arepa right away, and will be entered into our monthly drawing for a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Congrats!

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