Guess where I'm eating?

Every week, we'll show you a photo we've snapped at a local restaurant -- it's up to you to guess the dish and the restaurant that serves it. The first person to answer correctly in the comments (create a Voice Places account or comment anonymously, but be sure to leave your email address when prompted-- it won't be visible), will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card to Cause
Don't mind if we do...
Don't mind if we do...
Joy Summers

Just like life, this dessert is a little bitter, a little sweet, and a little nutty. Throw some whipped cream up top and everything is better. Do you recognize this little vat of chocolate?

Even though it featured a fleeting soup special, last week's "Guess Where?" wasn't obscure enough to stump the modestly monikered staffofthegods, who caught our creamy soup and sandwich combo from Lowertown's the Buttered Tin. You'll be entered in our monthly drawing! Well played.

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