Guess where I'm eating?

Every week, we'll show you a photo we've snapped at a local restaurant -- it's up to you to guess the dish and the restaurant that serves it. The first person to answer correctly in the comments (be sure to leave your email address -- it won't be visible), will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card to Barrio.

Guess where I'm eating?

This week's guess where is a spicy square meal for busy skyway-walkers in the middle of the midday rush.

Thanks to everyone who left comments about last week's guess where. The pictured dish was the delicious bison and white cheddar American Indian Fry Bread from Doug Flicker's Sandcastle at Lake Nokomis. A handful of commenters guessed correctly, but the first one logged was from VoiceNation user Maaarvin. However, Maaarvin, we don't have an email address for you! Please send your email address via the Write to Editor feature at the end of the post. Otherwise we will go to the next in line, user markdewes. One of you will get an entry into this month's drawing for a Barrio gift card. Thanks for playing!

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