Guess where I'm eating?

Bar snacks!

Bar snacks!

Sometimes you're just in the mood for something deep fried and salty. At this jumping spot, that kind of snack comes perfectly crisp and three to an order. The creamy sauce they're served with has a hidden, sinus-clearing kick. These are just the sort of munchies we love to dig into while sipping a tall, blonde, locally brewed beer. Do you recognize these balls?

Last week we were tucking into a fried chicken dinner in our never ending quest for the best bird in town. This might not win that ribbon, but it was most certainly a filling plate of food with creamy yukon smashed potatoes and a cheddary biscuit. 7th Street Social serves up those plates every evening. Reader byork00 spotted that dish and knew we were kicking it in St. Paul. You'll be entered in this month's drawing!

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