Growler and pint punch cards being offered for local breweries


With so many new breweries opening, the biggest question consumers face is "How can I try them all?" The Minnesota Brewer's Association is looking to make that easier -- and cheaper too -- with a new series of growler and pint punch cards.

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The program includes 11 breweries from the metro and Duluth areas (listed below) and features a punch card (available for $75) to fill growlers at a reduced rate at the listed establishments. The pint card is just $35 and is good for 10 pints. The card brings the cost of a growler fill down, on average, to $6.81 and a pint fill to $3.50.

There are some limitations, however. The $75 card entitles you to one growler fill at each of the 11 participating breweries, so no going back to the same brewery for 11 refills. (The same rule applies to the pint card.) And the original deposit fee on each growler is not included with the card, making it an offer primarily for dedicated Minnesota beer lovers and breweriana collectors. Minnesota breweries will not fill another company's growler so drinkers will have to purchase a separate 64 oz. jug at each of the participating locations.

Proceeds from the cards will go to the Brewer's Association, a group of Minnesota companies working on modernizing beer legislation. Speaking on behalf of the organization, Brad Glynn of Lift Bridge says, "Supporting local products keeps the jobs and money here. The Minnesota beer scene is one of the best in the country right now and we are only improving. The punch card is a great way to celebrate what we've done and keep the focus on teamwork for the next initiatives that may help our local economy."

A list of participating breweries is as follows:

612 Brew Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Castle Danger Brewery Excelsior Brewing Company Flat Earth Brewing Co. Fulton Hammerheart Brewing Company Indeed Brewing Company Lift Bridge North Gate Brewing Steel Toe Brewing

The cards themselves will be sold at participating breweries.

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