Groundswell to Host First Ever Harvest Dinner, a Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving


If you agree that Thanksgiving can't some soon enough, Groundswell, the Midway neighborhood coffeeshop-turned-restaurant, is hosting a family-style harvest feast on Friday, November 7. The team is preparing a singular seasonal menu sourced from regional suppliers for this ticketed event.

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The Fall Harvest Dinner, scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m., will present a menu of specialties sourced from Groundswell's network of regional providers. For $45 diners can enjoy a three-course harvest meal including squash and beet salad, herb-roasted pork, and a semolina sweet potato cake dessert. For the full menu, visit the Groundswell website.

As the restaurant has grown from its coffee-shop roots, Groundswell has retained its status as a neighborhood fixture while expanding its pedigree in the farm-to-table dining world. By the looks of their upcoming event, they will be staying true to this mission for their first ticketed event.

The meal will be served family-style at long community tables. Family-style eating and serving is both a part of Groundswell's mission and a practical way to handle a meal of this size.

"We knew that by going with quality local farms the price point would go up," says assistant general manager Megan Greulich. "But if people are serving themselves and sharing in that work, we can focus on the cooking and set the price a bit lower."


A handful of local farmers who provide the restaurant's ingredients -- produce provider Hungry Turtle Farmers , and fair trade chocolate provider Equal Exchange -- will be present at the event. Depending upon the weather and what needs to be harvested, other local suppliers will also join in the celebration.

Greulich says she wants the farmers there for more than just their pretty faces, "but to start a dialogue about the food and the process of growing it."

Space is limited to 50 people and you won't see this menu again -- the team designed it in collaboration with the Groundswell cooks and picked out seasonal specialities that couldn't stay on a permanent menu. Greulich, who specializes in baking when she isn't managing, calls special attention to the semolina sweet potato cake, which will be a "different take on the harvest-themed desserts" popular during the Thanksgiving season.

Hot Dish was also comforted to find out that beer, wine, coffee, and cider are part of the ticket price and one can enjoy Indeed Brewing and Rush River products during the meal. What's a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving without a little liquid comfort?

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