Grilled bananas a camping revelation


You all know hobo dinners, surely. Camping staple. Slice up some meat, potatoes, and veg, mix it with oil and and spices, wrap in some foil and throw in the campfire. Wait 45 minutes to an hour or so depending on the intensity of your campfire, then open and eat. Always perfect.

It seems fewer people are as familiar with the hobo dinner's lesser known, sweeter cousin that really desperately needs a cool name but for now will just be called ... hobo dessert?

It's super easy. Just slice open a banana from end to end (kind of like you would a baked potato), keeping the peel on. Put some chocolate chips, marshmallows, peanut butter, cinnamon -- as you wish -- in the slit, wrap in foil and toss in the fire.

The bananas cook more quickly than the dinners and will be done in probably 15 minutes at most. Open, cue "Hollaback Girl," and enjoy!