Grey Goose Ice Chamber at Chambers Hotel: Worth a chilly visit?

Ice, ice baby

Ice, ice baby

We at the Hot Dish love a good ice carving, so we thought we'd check out the new "ice chamber" at the Chambers Hotel. Made of 60 blocks of ice and weighing in at 12,000 pounds, the structure is lit from within and graced with friendly bartendresses wearing white puffy coats and other winter accessories. Within steps of the hotel's roaring outdoor fire, the structure is indeed chilly and full of adult beverages.

But is the igloo gimmick worth a visit? And just as important, what cocktails they are serving in D'Amico Kitchen's icy hut?


A small but fierce crowd marked the debut of the Ice Chamber at Eden, wedged in the courtyard in front of a huge pile of snow. Huddled around the gas fire, the brave and the chilly drank from the menu of various Grey Goose concoctions. As an added bonus for opening night, Grey Goose gals handed out samples--like the White Out Martini with GG, peppermint liqueur, Creme de Cacao, and cream. It looked like melted snow straight up. Others enjoyed the Matador, made of GG Citron, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and Red Bull.

Other drink options include the orangy 3 Aranciatas, the Fragoli Fizz, and the Velvet Iced Coffee. In addition, all GG flavors were available in martinis or ice shot glasses.

So is it worth a waddle out into the snow and ice? For sure! The ice chamber/fire pit combo is an old classic that can't be beat. Throw in premium vodka drinks, ice shot glasses, a fun-loving crowd, and an ice carving that you can stick your faces into for a photo op and you've got a good way to embrace rather than fight the weather.

Heather and Janet, our lovely servers

Heather and Janet, our lovely servers

The ice chamber will be open to the public Thursday through Saturday evenings and for private events the rest of the week. Michael and Andrew from Los Angeles showed the Hot Dish how to properly enjoy a good chunk of ice. Thanks guys! 

Grey Goose Ice Chamber at Le Méridian Chambers Hotel

901 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 612.767.6900Thursday - Saturday, 5 p.m. to close through the spring, weather permitting