Great news from Chef Shack!

I just talked to Carrie Summer (left) about the plans she and Lisa Carlson (right) are making for the upcoming Chef Shack season--and there's lots of great news.

In case you missed 'em last year, Summer and Carlson are the duo behind the best street eats in the Twin Cities, a mobile trailer called Chef Shack. Summer and Carlson parked their mobile kitchen at the Mill City Farmers Market and White Bear Lake's Marketfest and served up all sorts of tasty gourmet fast food, such as bison burgers and cheese curds made with local, sustainable ingredients.

The good news for west-siders is that Summer and Carlson have replaced Thursdays at Marketfest with Sundays at the Kingfield Market on 43rd and Nicollet. Their first day of the season will be Mill City's May 9th opening and they'll start at Kingfield when it opens May 31.

I think the move to Kingfield shouldl really benefit both parties. Chef Shack will give shoppers an extra incentive to stop by the small-but-mighty Kingfield market and I'd expect the neighbors will be supportive. Kingfield is a pretty family-oriented neighborhood and kids go crazy for Chef Shack (I've seen a kid do a "doughnut dance") and if their parents frequent Corner Table, they've already bought into the whole idea of paying a little extra for local/sustainable foods.

Carlson and Summer often travel exensively in the winter, so this year their core menu should be supplemented with treats inspired by the Asian street food they've been sampling. Expect to see a falafel sandwich, Indonesian and Singaporean noodle dishes, and a Thai-style mini donut (spiced with ginger and lemongrass and drizzled with a sweet coffee syrup, similar to Vietnamese-style coffee with condensed milk) rolled out later in the summer. I can hardly wait!

Kingfield Farmers Market 4310 Nicollet Ave South, Minneapolis 612.823.4550

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