Great Harvest kicks out killer breads and tasty sandwiches

Great Harvest's Roasted Turkey Call

Great Harvest's Roasted Turkey Call

I got high on Saturday. What was my stimulant of choice? The pure and simple aroma of fresh baked bread. It hits me like a feather pillow to the head every time I walk into Great Harvest in Linden Hills. I was heading in for a loaf of whole-grain goodness around lunchtime, and the place was swirling with families and an almost impossibly friendly staff. I usually get in and out quickly to avoid stuffing a bunch of cookies down my throat, but this time I decided to take a moment and order a sandwich, which oddly enough I had never done before.

I figured they had to be pretty good. I've had stupendous sandwiches at butcher shops and cheese shops, so I'd have to think that a bakery could play ball too. They've got a short menu that includes paninis (bonus) as well as a build-your-own-option (double bonus), but I decided to take on a creation they call the Roasted Turkey Call ($5.90).

I had them build the sandwich on sunflower wheat. Their whole-grain bread is super soft, and the little bits of sunflower seed added a nice bit of texture. Their cranberry horseradish sauce was far more cranberry than horseradish (likely a good thing) and brought a nice touch of sweetness. Thinly sliced onions added both interest and contrast to the cranberry, while a few leaves of romaine kept everything really fresh. A soft provolone created a slight tang yet managed to not overwhelm, keeping the lightness of the sandwich intact. The only shortcoming was the turkey itself. It was pretty pedestrian when it really could have solidified the whole package.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. The textures were great, and the bread was super satisfying. I thought the cranberry horseradish would have thrown the balance off, but it ended up being the bright spot of this fresh and flavorful lunch.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2010 by Teddy Hobbins