Grapefruit Royale at Muddy Waters: A hopped up drink of the week

Get acquainted with hopquila and its best friend, grapefruit.

Get acquainted with hopquila and its best friend, grapefruit.

Grapefruit Royale Muddy Waters $8

You don't head out on a cold night to Muddy Waters to be bamboozled by an over-the-top concoction filled with bitters, egg whites, and unpronounceable liqueurs; you belly up to enjoy the simple pleasures. With their focus on craft beer, Muddy Waters' little cocktail menu is often hard to spot. But it's worth a look, and gives you a chance to take advantage of their well-stocked bar. For those who like things hoppy, skip that pint of IPA and switch it up with a hopquila-based Grapefruit Royale.

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Hopquila has been popping up on craft cocktail menus at a few bars around town, but it's no household name. Our server Annie explained, "It's actually a whiskey, but they don't age it in barrels so it stays clear, and peppery, and tastes more like tequila."

The distilled white whiskey is steeped in hops, giving it that bitter, floral edge. Mixed with a liberal amount of ruby red grapefruit juice and a big wedge of lemon, this drink is unfussy, with bold flavor and a satisfying bite.

Beautiful grapefruit with its pink, tart, citrus is a bright a palate cleanser between the candy crush of Halloween, and the richness to come with Thanksgiving. With the Grapefruit Royale, there's no pumpkin spice or mulled anything in sight, but this seasonal fruit is bold and tasty and just as deserving of your attention.

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