Grand Szechuan opens second location in Plymouth

A new Szechuan in the 'burbs

A new Szechuan in the 'burbs

When the former chef at Little Szechuan decamped to Bloomington's Grand Szechuan in 2009, his decision caught the attention of the Twin Cities Chinese-language publications and the foodie press: Chef Luo Guanghe left the St. Paul stalwart and took several staff members with him to create his own restaurant in the suburbs. By contrast, Luo opened a second Grand Szechuan this past Saturday in Plymouth with far less fanfare or controversy.

Hot Dish stopped by to see the new site and chatted briefly with manager Dan Luo, son of the chef.


For fans of the Bloomington location, this will be your new westside go-to, as the menu is identical to its sister store. In the former home of Red Pepper Chinese, the new restaurant is still undergoing some decor changes, but has a lot of space and one Chinese-style, large, lazy-susan table in the back room. There is plenty of light and the same gigantic menu, which will likely re-inspire all those long Yelp and Chowhound chains by Twin Cities Szechuan food lovers.

Dan Luo suggested that people who seek authenticity try the Chung King Chili Chicken ($11) and Dan Dan Noodle ($5), while those who like it more Americanized should go for the Orange Chicken ($5.95 for the Lunch Special). The Hot Dish tried the Dan Dan noodle and found that the noodles had a pleasing texture but could have used a little more spice. The Orange Chicken also tasted good--mild in heat with delicious flavors unmarred by the off aftertastes that seem endemic to cut-rate Chinese restaurants (hello, Panda Express).

You'll find the second Grand Szechuan next to Pizza Hut in a Plymouth mini-mall with a free parking lot. If you love the first one, you'll be happy here. The hours and the Milk Crispy Shrimp ($14) will be exactly the same.

Pick up your take-out here.

Pick up your take-out here.

Grand Szechuan - Plymouth

187 Cheshire Lane N., Plymouth