Grand Cafe reopening as soon as May

Minneapolis has hardly had time to start missing the Grand Cafe.

Minneapolis has hardly had time to start missing the Grand Cafe.

Minneapolis foodies have been reading the phrase “Erik Anderson and Jaimie Malone of the upcoming Brut restaurant” for years.

Eager eaters across town kept reading, and kept waiting for these celebrated chefs to finally find a space for... well, for their upcoming restaurant, Brut.

In 2015, we got intel it would land in the old Sapor space on Washington Avenue. But that wasn't to be, and now that spot is occupied by Crisp & Green, a salad chain by restaurateur Ryan Burnet.

Then, Malone took up residence as chef at Grand Cafe... and then, Grand Cafe announced its closing. Or, more specifically, that it was closing under the ownership of Dan and Mary Hunter.

It seemed a decent guess that Malone would be taking over the restaurant, but she wouldn't confirm. Until yesterday, when she announced she won't be going it alone.

In a statement, Anderson and Malone said they'll be taking over the Grand, and they promise to keep it a "a hidden gem," and a "humble place that speaks to real life."

In if you haven't read our many love letters to the perfect little south Minneapolis bistro, know that it has always served as a sort of home-away-from home, the kind of place where fragrant blueberry pancakes arrive in profusion like warm hugs, but a classic liver pate or lardon salad is never far away either.

The enormous bread oven (the place was once a bakery) means high-quality bread, crackers and desserts, and the building’s 75-year-old visage feel means any pretense would be way out of place.

Anderson and Malone plan to bring their combined years of expertise and technique, and will put their stamp on the menu with “forgotten French classics as well as modern and technique-driven surprises.”

They also plan to keep some of Grand’s old favorites, including some from their award-winning Brunch.

If you're curious: yes, Brut is still “upcoming.”

But if you want to eat these chefs' cooking, don't wait any longer than you need to. Look for Grand Cafe to reopen in May.

Grand Cafe 
3804 Grand Ave S., Minneapolis