Grand Avenue Twisted Fork Grille Will Close; 3rd Colossal Cafe Will Open In Its Place By May

Colossal Cafe's famous flappers. Soon you'll be able to get 'em on Grand Avenue.

Colossal Cafe's famous flappers. Soon you'll be able to get 'em on Grand Avenue.

Did you know that there is a restaurant on Grand Avenue called Twisted Fork Grille? (In the annals of unfortunately named restaurants, this should be entered).

We did, but we also drove past it all the time; it was just sort of there, like a backhoe or a streetlamp or a fire hydrant is there. You know that they're there, but you pay them no never mind and if anyone asked you if you saw them today you'd probably shrug, say "dunno," and move on about your business.

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So it seems that maybe lots of people were doing this very same exercise of yours, because though they've been quietly open since 2010, they're finally throwing in the kitchen towel and moving over for Colossal Cafe, that little restaurant with the big name that started out as a tiny Powderhorn diner, but then got sold off and then opened a second, bigger location in St. Anthony Park to positive review.

Colossal is the sort of place that anchors a neighborhood -- it's a hub, a true gathering space, it has a finger on the pulse of what people really want when they get up off the couch, strap on the Sorrels, dig out the mittens, and head out for vittles:

Not just one, but a long list of egg sammies made how you like 'em; flappers, their signature yeasty pancakes, tender biscuits covered in pork and bison gravy, mac and cheese, pastries -- stuff you would make at home if you were a better cook or if you were organized enough to ever have milk and butter and flour in the house all at once and if you were the sort of person who filed paperwork right away instead of stuffing it in that one drawer....

Oh, to hell with it. Let's go to Colossal!

And if you did like Twisted Fork (a winter Caprese salad maybe?), you've still got some time to go -- they'll be open until the end of business on February 28.

Colossal will open sometime in May.

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