Grain Belt Nordeast hits Northeast

Grain Belt Nordeast hits Northeast

Today's launch of the new Nordeast beer has been the talk of the town among Northeast Minneapolis restaurants the past few weeks.

Grain Belt Nordeast hits Northeast

As early as 7a.m. Wednesday morning the anticipation of the new brew brought a line of Minnesota beer enthusiasts and Northeast dwellers to Surdyk's front door.

Grain Belt Nordeast hits Northeast


As the doors opened, the same thing seemed to be on everyone's mind: Buy as much Nordeast as possible.

Some patrons carried more than four cases at a time, while others snapped pictures of themselves in front of the large Nordeast display showcased in the (appropriately) northeast corner of the store.


Ted Marti, president of the August Schell Brewing Company, was on hand signing bottles and cases for patrons.

The festivities continued throughout the day and evening as every bar and liquor store in Northeast was equipped with cases of the new brew for locals to try. Available in six-packs, 12-packs, and on draft, Nordeast hits shelves and bars elsewhere today. Want to know what you're getting yourself into? Check out the City Pages review in yesterday's Hot Dish.

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Grain Belt Brewery Bottling House

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