Grain Belt gets a "friendly" facelift

Grain Belt gets itself a new, friendly, retro-style label

Grain Belt gets itself a new, friendly, retro-style label

Did you know that Grain Belt was once known as "the friendly beer"? The company picked up the nickname after the repeal of Prohibition, when brewing companies were pushing to gain back the market. The folks over at Grain Belt are now digging deep, re-examining their roots and resurrecting the old campaign, and with it, they're adopting a new, retro-style redesign for their locally brewed line of beers. 

The new design will highlight the classic diamond pattern that was popular back in the 1950's. The redesign is the work of Grain Belt's marketing manager Teresa Holm. According to Holm, "After sifting through piles of old photographs, and hand-painted ads that Schell's was given after purchasing the recipe in 2002, I was full of inspiration. I mocked up the new labels along with another back-up set that matched our 16-ounce Premium and Nordeast cans."

The updated design, says Holm, "features vintage fonts, flourishes, and primary colors accented by classic gold and silver accents. The headlines are simple, friendly, and down to earth, matched with photos resurrected from yesteryear to help tell the story."

The press release for the new redesigned line of beers explains that, "Unlike the flashier, modern look used by many competitors, Grain Belt's nostalgic facelift pays tribute to its rich heritage and history, which traces back more than 110 years."

Grain Belt will be releasing the new look later this spring, once the old packaging starts to run out.

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